Elasticsearch SQL aims to provide a powerful yet lightweight SQL interface to Elasticsearch.


Elasticsearch SQL is an X-Pack component that allows SQL-like queries to be executed in real-time against Elasticsearch. Whether using the REST interface, command-line or JDBC, any client can use SQL to search and aggregate data natively inside Elasticsearch. One can think of Elasticsearch SQL as a translator, one that understands both SQL and Elasticsearch and makes it easy to read and process data in real-time, at scale by leveraging Elasticsearch capabilities.

Why Elasticsearch SQL ?edit

Native integration
Elasticsearch SQL is built from the ground up for Elasticsearch. Each and every query is efficiently executed against the relevant nodes according to the underlying storage.
No external parts
No need for additional hardware, processes, runtimes or libraries to query Elasticsearch; Elasticsearch SQL eliminates extra moving parts by running inside the Elasticsearch cluster.
Lightweight and efficient
Elasticsearch SQL does not abstract Elasticsearch and its search capabilities - on the contrary, it embraces and exposes SQL to allow proper full-text search, in real-time, in the same declarative, succinct fashion.