Elasticsearch version 6.8.12edit

Also see Breaking changes in 6.8.

Security updatesedit

  • A field disclosure flaw was found in Elasticsearch when running a scrolling search with field level security. If a user runs the same query another more privileged user recently ran, the scrolling search can leak fields that should be hidden. This could result in an attacker gaining additional permissions against a restricted index. All versions of Elasticsearch before 7.9.0 and 6.8.12 are affected by this flaw. You must upgrade to Elasticsearch version 7.9.0 or 6.8.12 to obtain the fix. CVE-2020-7019

Bug fixesedit

  • CCR recoveries using wrong setting for chunk sizes #59597
  • Fix synchronization in ShardFollowNodeTask #60490
  • Relax ShardFollowTasksExecutor validation #60054 (issue: #59625)
  • Set timeout of master node requests on follower to unbounded #60070 (issue: #56891)
  • Fix cluster health rest api wait_for_no_initializing_shards bug #58379
Machine Learning
  • Fix restoration of change detectors after seasonality change #1391