Elasticsearch version 6.2.4edit

Bug Fixesedit

  • Don’t allow referencing the pattern bank name in the pattern bank #29295 (issue: #29257)


Fail snapshot operations early when creating or deleting a snapshot on a repository that has been written to by an older Elasticsearch after writing to it with a newer Elasticsearch version. (#30140)

Java High Level REST Client
  • Bulk processor#awaitClose to close scheduler #29263 Fix NPE when CumulativeSum agg encounters null value/empty bucket (#29641) Do not fail snapshot when deleting a missing snapshotted file (#30332)
Java Low Level REST Client
  • REST client: hosts marked dead for the first time should not be immediately retried #29230
Machine Learning
  • Prevents failed jobs from mistakenly re-opening after node loss recovery.
  • Returns an error when an operation cannot be submitted because the process was killed.
  • Respects the datafeed frequency when it is less or equal to the query_delay setting.
  • Cross-cluster search and default connections can get crossed [OPEN] [ISSUE] #29321
  • Fixed bug when non percolator docs end up in the search hits #29447 (issue: #29429)
  • Fixed a msm accounting error that can occur during analyzing a percolator query #29415 (issue: #29393)
  • Fix more query extraction bugs. #29388 (issues: #28353, #29376)
  • Fix some query extraction bugs. #29283
  • Plugins: Fix native controller confirmation for non-meta plugin #29434
  • Propagate ignore_unmapped to inner_hits #29261 (issue: #29071)
  • Adds missing idp.use_single_logout and populate_user_metadata SAML realm settings. See SAML realm settings.
  • Archive unknown or invalid settings on updates #28888 (issue: #28609)
  • Re-enables smtp.* account configuration properties in the notification settings. See Email Notification Settings.
  • Ensures starting and stopping Watcher is properly acknowledged as a master node action.
  • Refrains from appending a question mark to an HTTP request if no parameters are used.