Elasticsearch version 6.2.2edit


  • Synced-flush should not seal index of out of sync replicas #28464 (issue: #10032)

Bug Fixesedit

  • Handle throws on tasks submitted to thread pools #28667
  • Fix size blocking queue to not lie about its weight #28557 (issue: #28547)
  • Guard accessDeclaredMembers for Tika on JDK 10 #28603 (issue: #28602)
  • Fix for bug that prevents pipelines to load that use stored scripts after a restart #28588
Java High Level REST Client
  • Fix parsing of script fields #28395 (issue: #28380)
  • Move to POST when calling API to retrieve which support request body #28342 (issue: #28326)
Machine Learning
  • Fixed an exception that occurred when a categorization field contained an empty string.
  • Properly registered xpack.monitoring.exporters.*.headers.* settings, which were broken in 6.2.0 and 6.2.1. For more information, see HTTP Exporter Settings.
  • Fix using relative custom config path #28700 (issue: #27610)
  • Disable console logging in the Windows service #28618 (issue: #20422)
  • Do not take duplicate query extractions into account for minimum_should_match attribute #28353 (issue: #28315)
  • Added CachingRealm to published artifacts so it can be used in custom realm extensions.
  • If the realm uses native role mappings and the security index health changes, the realm caches are cleared. For example, they are cleared when the index recovers from a red state, when the index is deleted, when the index becomes outdated, and when the index becomes up-to-date.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent auditing to a remote index if the remote cluster was re-started at the same time as the audited cluster.
  • Removed AuthorityKeyIdentifier’s Issuer and Serial number from certificates generated by certgen and certutil. This improves compatibility with certificate verification in Kibana.
  • Proxies now use HTTP by default, which was the default prior to 6.0. This fixes issues with HTTPS requests that tried to access proxies via HTTP.
  • Fixed the HTML sanitizer settings (xpack.notification.email.html.sanitization.*), which were broken in 6.2. For more information, see Watcher Settings.