Elasticsearch Google Search Appliance (GSA) Alternative

Enterprise Search Reimagined

Elasticsearch is the popular open source search engine behind thousands of search applications worldwide. From document search to ecommerce, geospatial, graph, enterprise search, and beyond, Elasticsearch is used by small businesses and large organizations like:

  • Accenture | Enterprise search across its massive consultant knowledge base
  • Wikimedia | Full-text searches numbering in the billions
  • GrubHub | Geosearch and full text search to discover and deliver delicious food.
  • Dell.com | Ecommerce search for 60+ countries in 21+ languages
  • Twilio | Customer support site search that facilitates self-service
  • TechCrunch | Publisher site search that boosts reader engagement and page views
  • City of Portland | Critical government site search for 200,000+ pages

Elastic is working with Google, Google's leading GSA partners, and Elastic's network of partners to create a migration path for GSA users. 

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