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How GrubHub Turns Data into Your Delicious Bites

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GrubHub is an app for food discovery and delivery that allows end users to find delicious food and get it delivered to them in a timely fashion.

Whether it's traditional dishes, unusual cuisines, or simple menu items, GrubHub offers a vast variety of food with the goal of getting people to exactly what they are looking for. To reach that goal, Elasticsearch was implemented as the main driver of GrubHub's search platform to build a rich experience around food discovery for users. 

In this video, GrubHub's Noel Curtis discusses why data is a big deal for GrubHub and how it allows them to understand what users like and what they will go to again and again. With the help of Elasticsearch and its storing, searching, and indexing features, GrubHub is able to direct users to even better food selections in their future searches.