On-demand webinar

Zero Latency: Building a Telemetry Platform on the Elastic Stack


Hosted by

Billy Arrigo
Billy Arrigo

Data & Insights Analyst

Zero Latency Product Team

Zee Nastalski
Zee Nastalski

Senior Software Engineer

Zero Latency Core Systems Team

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Zero Latency is focused on creating the greatest free-roam, multiplayer, virtual reality experiences in the world. In ZeroLatency games, players are isolated from the real world and are fully immersed in a virtual experience. With 45 venues around the world, ZeroLatency needs to constantly monitor their systems to detect potential problems that prevent players from having the immersive, uninterrupted experience they desire. ZeroLatency chose the Elastic Stack for their telemetry platform to collect real-time logs, metrics, and analytics data from their systems to reduce performance issue. Learn how they did it.