Verizon is Managing Security 700M Events at a Time

Verizon Managed Security Services (MSS) manages security for our customers dealing with security data collected from firewalls, IDs/IPs, proxy, and network/backbone. This presentation focuses on lessons learned, problems solved, and solutions implemented while running one of largest Elasticsearch clusters out there. Topics include architecture, investigation of various use cases, and best practices while dealing with 1M events per second and 20B events a day.

Joe Alex

Senior Big Data Engineer, Managed Security Services | Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Joe Alex is a Senior Big Data Engineer in Verizon Tech's Managed Security Services department. In his role, he leads Managed Security Services at Verizon where they work with data at petabytes scale using technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, MongoDB. Joe's current projects mainly involve collecting, storing, and analyzing network security data in order to find meaningful insights using Analytics, Machine Learning and Predictive Analysis to enable the customer. In his free time, Joe is an aspiring Data Scientist - reading more on Data Science and slowly transitioning to a Data Scientist role.