Connecting the Dots with Elasticsearch...Tracing of Events within ING

Leaving behind a world of isolated departments and applications, ING has now embraced the omnichannel approach. Teams are working closely together, but are lacking the visibility needed across systems. This is how ING solves the problem of tracing events in a complex software environment.

Stephane Rouault

Software Engineer | ING

Stephane was a Software Integration Consultant at Brightlight-Consulting beginning in 2008. He started working for ING in 2011 when they first started to use the Scrum method. Being in one of the first DevOps teams allowed him to become a front runner for application monitoring development in a complex multi-system environment.

Christiaan Douma

Software Engineer | ING

Christiaan is a DevOps/squad member at ING. He is interested in all DevOps tooling, doing development in TIBCO BusinessWorks, a bit of Java, and a hint of AngularJS. Currently, Christiaan is in the frontrunner team for paving the migration path for about 20 TIBCO teams by defining standard tooling, deployment pipelines, and MVP for the new stack.