Watching Overwatch at Activision Blizzard

Find out how Elastic played an integral role in the successful launch of the popular video game Overwatch. You’ll see a quick overview of Blizzard’s big data pipeline and then dive into the details of how the Overwatch team leverages the Elastic Stack platform to ensure the game is constantly running at peak performance.

Chris Burkhart

Principal Technical Lead, Activision Blizzard

Chris Burkhart is a Principal Technical Lead on the data team at Blizzard, responsible for the core components of the Global Data Platform at Blizzard. The platform is leveraged for a wide array of uses; system & application monitoring, driving business intelligence decisions, and as a source of truth for various player facing features.

Bill Warnecke

Lead Reliability Engineer, Overwatch

As Lead Software Engineer for Reliability at Blizzard Entertainment, Bill Warnecke is responsible for overseeing the release of new versions of Overwatch, a highly-stylized team-based multiplayer shooter set on a near-future earth, featuring a diverse cast of extraordinary characters embroiled in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.. He and his team are the caretakers of Overwatch's internal development environments and the production game servers. As the lead engineer for the team, Bill splits his time between contributing to current projects and planning for the future of the service. Warnecke began his career at Blizzard in 2011 as a Lead Software Engineer for Automation, where he spent a lot of time working with teams to grow automation across all of Blizzard. Now, his primary focus is live operations for Overwatch, making sure production services are running properly. He also spends a lot of time working with build systems, internal teams that depend on internal testing environments, and automated tools and testing to help developers be more productive. In his free time, Bill enjoys live music, beer, and, of course, video games.