On-demand webinar

Monitoring Anything and Everything with Beats at eBay

Hosted by:

Vijay Samuel


One year ago, Vijay Samuel and the monitoring team at eBay embarked on a journey to collect logs and metrics from any application deployed in Kubernetes. And thus Collectbeat was born. It's the little Beat that could:

  • Collect metrics from any Pod that exposes metrics that abide to all supported Metricbeat modules
  • Collect logs written to stdout or files inside the Docker container
  • Append Pod metadata on every log and metric collected
  • Allow Pods to push metrics through Graphite protocol and parse them uniquely
  • Stitch stack traces for application logs

Hear about the team's journey, current path, and vision for the future. Plus, get a glimpse at how eBay is planning to tackle even more complex problems like providing QoS to important data and applying sampling and throttling — all using Beats. They're on a mission to put Beats on every host inside of eBay and collect logs and metrics from any application being deployed (inside and outside of Kubernetes).

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