How Warner Bros. is Using Elastic to Solve Entertainment and Media Problems at Scale

Warner Bros. processes billions of records each day globally between its web assets, digital content distribution, OTT streaming services, online and mobile games, technical operations, anti-piracy programs, social media, and retail point of sale transactions. Despite having large MPP clusters, a significant amount of dark data remained trapped in Web Logs. In this presentation, we will discuss how Warner Bros. and Decision Lab leveraged the new Elastic Stack 5.x coupled with Apache Spark, to deliver scalable insights and new capabilities to support business needs.

Nathan Necaise

CEO and Co-Founder

Nathan Necaise is the CEO and a co-founder of Decision Lab. Decision Lab was created with the goal to democratize data and make difficult things simple. Nathan loves dumpster fires because the most challenging problems are often the most rewarding. He believes that nothing is more important to gaining data insight than getting started now.

Brian Kursar

Brian is the Vice President Data Intelligence - Strategy and Architecture at Warner Brothers.