TAP(ping) Out Security Threats at FireEye

FireEye's Threat Analytics Platform (TAP) leverages Elasticsearch to index hundreds of thousands of events per second and maintain more than a petabyte of data. Learn what the security hunting use case is and how FireEye built a platform to allow its enterprise customers to find evil in their organizations.

Chris Rimondi

Chris Rimondi runs the Site Reliability Engineering team for the Cloud business unit at FireEye. He started at Mandiant, three years ago, prior to its acquisition by FireEye. Since then he is focused on building and supporting the next generation of FireEye applications in its public and private cloud infrastructure. In the over two years since FireEye has been using ElasticSearch, Chris and team have learned a lot about running ElasticSearch at scale and how to best optimize it for their demanding use cases in helping customers find evil.