Monitoring the Elastic Stack

As Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats continue to evolve, we recently went back to the drawing board to rethink our monitoring product. This session will take you on our journey of redefining what monitoring means for the Elastic Stack, as well as explore current features and unveil some of our future roadmap.

Uri Boness

Uri Boness has over 12 years of open source Enterprise Java experience, many of which dedicated and focused on Apache Lucene related technologies. An active Apache Lucene community member, often with contributions to various open source projects in the Apache Lucene ecosystem. A consistent promoter and advocate of open source technologies and the founder of the Dutch Apache Lucene User Group. Previously, Uri served as the head of the search department at Orange11, where he helped drive and secure Orange11′s position as an internationally renowned leader in open source search technologies.

Tanguy Leroux

After 10 years as a Java developer, consultant, and trainer specializing in open source search technologies, Tanguy joined Elastic at the end of 2014. He has since contributed to Elasticsearch and is the main developer of Marvel, its monitoring plugin.

Tim Sullivan

Tim Sullivan has been working in front-end engineering and web development for nearly 15 years, having experience in building and deploying custom systems in education, economics, finance, and data analytics. He joined the Kibana/UI team at Elastic in September 2015 and since then has been the main front-end developer for the Monitoring plugin. He's based in Phoenix, AZ and enjoys the hiking and camping in the Sonora desert, cooking, sketching, and chasing his 3-year-old son around the house. His goal in life is to have his GitHub activity chart filled up with green squares.

Chris Earle

Chris Earle is a Software Engineer based outside of Washington DC, helping to improve Monitoring for all products. Before joining Elastic, he was at Boeing and Grove Software developing software and pushing API design. Chris is a regular participant on StackOverflow and the Elastic online community.