All About Elasticsearch Algorithms and Data Structures

Fast search usually boils down to data organization, which is why Elasticsearch is based on an inverted index. But sometimes speed comes from clever algorithms. Last year we looked at four such algorithms, but there are dozens more. In this talk we'll explore a new set of interesting algorithms in Elasticsearch.

Zachary Tong

Officially trained as a molecular neurobiologist, Zachary has thrown off the shackles of pipettes and petri dishes to return to his original passion: building software. Zach is a developer for Elasticsearch, fondly remembers v0.18, and co-authored Elasticsearch: The Definitive Guide.

Colin Goodheart-Smithe

Colin is an Elasticsearch Engineer based in London. Prior to joining Elastic, Colin worked at BAE Systems Detica, where he spent 5 years using Lucene to build search analytics products which scale to billions of documents.