Elastic Cloud Enterprise

Centrally orchestrate a fleet of Elasticsearch clusters

Provision, manage, and monitor Elasticsearch and Kibana at any scale, on any infrastructure, while managing everything from a single console.

Deploy Elasticsearch and Kibana on Kubernetes with Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes.
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Public cloud. Private cloud. Bare metal. Call any infrastructure “home.”

Choose where you run your deployments whether on physical hardware, virtual environments, public cloud (i.e., AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure), private cloud, hybrid, or all the above.


Operational Flexibility

Run deployments like a well-oiled machine

Streamline scaling, securing, upgrading, and backing up across all of your Elastic deployments from a centralized console. Or automate your tasks using our APIs or CLI. Create local users or integrate with your identity provider to assign roles to users and teams.

Oh, and it's the same software we use to manage thousands of clusters on Elastic Cloud.

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Easy resource matching and scheduling

Tag your resources and then configure instances to deploy to the right host using tag filters. Isolate deployments and control which use cases and teams deploy to each host. Then maximize your resources with advanced scheduling algorithms like a zen master.



Elastic App Search and more

From advanced search to machine learning, Elastic Cloud Enterprise makes it simple to configure and manage powerful functionality in a few clicks. For each deployment, choose the features you’d like to enable and get started in minutes.

Simplify, Amplify

You “Have the Bridge” to drive success

Clusters will grow, usage will scale, requirements will evolve. Elastic Cloud Enterprise (ECE) helps you keep pace without sacrificing efficiency, performance, or sanity.

  • Manage multiple use cases

    Simplify how you handle a variety of use cases — from fraud detection to website search or IT log analysis — and the challenges that come with multi-tenancy like data retention and version control.

  • Offer * as a service

    Logging as a service. Monitoring as a service. Search as a service. You decide. ECE powers various use cases and delivers it all from a centralized source.

  • Control your assets

    Go from running one large Elasticsearch cluster serving thousands of applications to thousands of smaller clusters that offer each application its own experience and address issues like data privacy.


Snapshot & restore for peace of mind

Clusters that are managed by ECE can be periodically backed up using the Elasticsearch snapshot API, helping you rest easy when it comes to your data.


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