Where in the World is Elastic? - CFCamp

Welcome to Where in the World is Elastic!

Find out what is happening near you this week in Elastic events and meetup land!

Upcoming Events


October 22 - 23: CFCamp Munich

Upcoming Meetups


October 22: Bristol DevOps Meetup

October 22: Madrid Python Meetup

October 23: Lviv Ruby User Group Meetup - Ukraine

North America

October 20:Richmond, Virginia Data Hackers Meetup

October 21: Elastic Los Angeles User Group Meetup

October 22: Toronto High Scalabiliy

October 22: Elastic Dallas User Group Meetup

  • Elastic Solutions Architect, Morgan Goeller, will talk about securing your Elasticsearch cluster.

October 22: Elastic Houston User Group Meetup

  • Member of the Elastic team will be talking about what's new in Elasticsearch 2.0.

October 22: Elastic San Francisco Meetup

October 22: San Francisco Ruby on Rails Group Meetup

  • Paul Sorensen, Platform Engineer at Hotel Tonight will talk about how they use Elasticsearch to drive its hotel search algorithm.


October 21: Developer User Group Meetup - Johannesburg, South Africa


October 25: Elastic China Users Meetup - Beijing

That's it for this week. Stay tuned for Elastic happenings next week!

- The Elastic Team

P.S. Contact us if you're interested in hosting a meetup or are giving a talk about Beats, Elasticsearch, Logstash or Kibana – we can offer support and send you swag!