Elastic Meetups

How Can We Help?

We Can Support Your Efforts in a Wide Variety of Ways
  • Provide you with budget for refreshments
  • Put you in contact with other people interested in joining your meetup
  • Help you find host locations for your meetings
  • Introduce you to people interested in speaking at your events
  • Promote your group on elastic.co, our blog, and social media
  • Give you a complete guide to organizing meetups.

Want to Host a Meetup?

We are always looking for places to host our meetups. If your company, co-working space, start up accelerator or barn with incredible internet connectivity are available for our community members to meet, please contact us. Your facilities don't need to be fancy — we're looking for a comfortable, informal vibe, a projector, screen, chairs, and, a place to serve refreshments.

Speak at a Meetup

We want to hear from you — and so do other meetup members! If you'd like to present about your Elasticsearch and Elastic Stack stories from the field, be it a lightning talk or a full hour session with Q&A, let us know! We'll be happy to introduce you to meetup organizers in your area who are looking for speakers.

Already Hosting?

We'll send you an actual box of goodies for your meetup, like t-shirts, stickers and other swag for your attendees. We have special gifts for our volunteer organizers, too.

We appreciate all you do to grow and nurture our community.

All Elastic Meetups are governed by our Community Code of Conduct.