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Watcher Beta 2 - Fixes, Features, Feedback

We're pleased to announce Watcher 1.0.0-Beta2!

This release of Watcher includes bug fixes and enhancements to features introduced in Beta1.

But we didn’t stop there. Since the release of Beta1, we’ve received wonderful feedback from all of you trying out Watcher. We’re delighted with the activity in the forum and I can honestly say that your questions have helped us improve Watcher in every aspect - functionality, usability and documentation.

And yes, we are talking the talk and walking the walk. We took some of your wonderful suggestions and included them in this release. For more details, please read the release notes.

Installing Beta2 is as easy as it was installing Beta1. You can use the same beta key you received in the Beta1 registration email, but this time appending  `-Beta2` to your key:

bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/watcher/<watcher-beta-key>-Beta2

Haven’t registered yet? Do it now and try Watcher out!

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