Movember: It's a wrap

Ahoy! It’s Loggy D. Wood here with a Movember recap!

An unusual number of mustaches made their way into the Elastic offices last month. One might say too many. At first sight I wondered, “Has my nemesis, the Lumberjack, returned?” But, then I remembered it was November and I wasn’t the only one in for some Movember fun. Many of my colleagues were also participating in this movement to help spread awareness for men’s health issues and raise funding for men’s health charities.

The Movember Foundation, the international organization behind the Movember movement, is one of the top non-governmental organizations in the world with over 5 million participants. By leveraging the inevitable conversation starter of facial hair, the Movember movement has grown wildly since 2004. Whether you have always had dreams of sporting a ferocious Walrus ‘stache, a sophisticated pencil, or you opt for added street cred by way of a Fu Manchu, all ‘staches are welcome here! Across the globe, Elastic’s employees bravely sacrificed their upper lips for this great cause. November might have come to an end, but there is still time to support men’s health by donating to our Movember page


Fatih Isik, Amsterdam


Vincent Marino, Mountain View


Kieran Fraser, Sydney


Nathaniel O’Neil, Mountain View


Loggy D. Wood, Elastic{ON} Tour


Antoine Girbal, Mountain View

ryan-liubinskas-elastic-movember.jpgRyan Liubinskas, London


John Black, Mountain View

Now, I’d love to stay but I really mustache (must dash, get it?). But, I will leave you with my many dashing looks from last month. Have a favorite look? Tweet @elastic to let us know.

Stay tuned for other causes that Elastic employees are supporting with our, You Know, For People campaigns.
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