Logstash 1.3.2 Released!

Hello again friends!

Logstash 1.3.2 is now available!

We recently implemented a new feature to help make Logstash and Elasticsearch get along more usefully (the new indexing template, it is awesome!). However, 1.3.0 had a bug that prevented it from actually working, and 1.3.1 had a different bug that caused the data to be stored in a way that made searches work inconsistently with previous releases. The 1.3.2 release has a few bug fixes and a big performance improvement for date processing (json codec, date filter, etc will all benefit here). You can view the full changelog to see the whole list.

Some highlights:

  • We fixed the default template. The easiest way to get the updated template is to set the following in the elasticsearch or elasticsearch_http output plugin section of your logstash configuration:
        template_overwrite => true

    If you're using the elasticsearch output plugin, the included template works with version 0.90.5+. If you're using an older version it will now indicate this with an error message. The template will work with older versions of Elasticsearch if you are using the elasticsearch_http output plugin, but we highly recommend updating your Elasticsearch cluster to the current stable release to take advantage of performance enhancements and other fixes.

  • We also added some test Elasticsearch queries to make sure expected behavior continues with future updates.
  • The embedded Elasticsearch version has been bumped to 0.90.9.
  • A new csv output plugin has been added! This feature will transition into a codec in the future, but you can take advantage of the awesome in this output right now!

That's it for now! Happy Logstashing!

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