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Kibana 4.0.2 Released

Today we're releasing Kibana 4.0.2 with a number of important bug fixes and a smattering of small tweaks that make the Kibana experience just that tiny bit better!

Grab the new release here: Download Kibana 4.0.2 or read on for the juicy details. For more information on Kibana 4, see the GA blog post: Kibana 4. Literally.

Small enhancements

  • Added refresh interval to the URL (#2949)
  • Allowed for the display of _timestamp in the doc-table when added to the metaFields advanced setting (#3259)
  • Allowed for decimal inputs in the range aggregation (#3281)
  • Added highlighting in the case of multi-fields. For example, exact matches on “.raw" fields will now be highlighted (#3297)
  • Added a nice JSON editor to the advanced object editor (#3280)
  • Switched map tiles to use HTTPS (#3401)
  • Added a filler for blank strings in the Quick Count dialog (#3341)
  • Kibana now only waits for its own Elasticsearch index to be ready, instead of the entire cluster (#3421)

And a few fixes

  • Fixed several bugs in which certain chains of interaction would put the index pattern creator into a confusing state (#3491#3444)
  • Fixed a bug in saving disabled, then deleted, filters (#3480)
  • Fixed a bug in which timestamped index patterns might show an incorrect hit count in Discover (#3478)
  • Fixed modification of booleans and arrays in Advanced Settings (#3493)
  • Fixed the visualization of time fields from the discover field chooser (#3443)
  • Fixed saving of maps that were created from the field chooser (#3422)
  • Removed an extra click handler that could cause searches to run twice (#3427)
  • Fixed support for client SSL certs (#3363)
  • Fixed a case of poor error handling when all elasticsearch shards fail (#3279)
  • Changed the behavior of “preserve_host" to correctly pass the `Host:` header through to Elasticsearch as intended (#3287)
  • Changed the display of linked searches in Visualize to contain the title of the search instead of its Elasticsearch ID (#3283)
  • Fixed an issue where some browser would add scrollbars to split charts (#3256)
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