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Kibana 4 Beta 1.1: Pointy Needles Blunted

The response to Kibana 4 Beta 1 has been amazing! The overwhelmingly positive reactions have been incredible. The whole team is extremely thankful for the bevy of comments and contributions that have been pouring in. We've found some particularly pointy needles in the haystack that we decided should be addressed right away, thus we bring you Kibana 4 Beta 1.1 now.

Please note: This is beta software. It we do our best to make things great, but this should not be used in production.

Improvements include:

  • Cleaner startup behavior when running in a mixed Ruby/jruby environment
  • Fixes to object saving, loading and editing
  • The addition of an “About" screen with version information
  • A bunch of mobile view fixes (many thanks to Kevin Kirsche)
  • Improved asset caching behavior

You can get Kibana 4 Beta 1.1 HERE. Get it now, enjoy it, and be sure to give us your feedback on GitHub.

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