Keeping up with Kibana: Week of April 30, 2018

Welcome to Keeping up with Kibana! This is a series of posts on new developments in the Kibana project and any related learning resources and events.

Kibana team is busy preparing for the next point release -- 6.3 is coming soon! But that is not the only thing we’ve been working on this week. In parallel, we are continuing to add features for the next version. 

Improvements to the EUI framework

Here are some recent PRs in the Elastic UI Framework. You'll find the complete list in our changelog.

  • Add EuiEmptyPrompt component for creating empty states #711
  • Add EuiTabbedContent component for managing tab content #758
  • Allow EuiContextMenuPanels to update when their children changes #710
  • Fixed issues with tables #759#709
  • Add EuiBetaBadge component for indicating content is in a Beta release #705
  • Add buttons for clearing and opening/closing the EuiComboBox #698
  • Add EuiDescriptiveFormRow component for displaying help text #707

Added significant terms to tag cloud visualizations

We have also added support for significant term aggregations s to tag cloud visualizations (#17770). Significant terms is a commonly used method of identifying the most interesting emerging topics. This feature builds on Kibana's core strength of providing visuals within the context of a query. You'll see significant terms adjust as the user searches across a dashboard.

Updates to Kibana apps

We continue to make improvements to the Kibana apps:

  • Converted page that lists dashboards to the EUI Framework #16967
  • Added ability to configure Kibana coordinate maps with multiple color ramps #18586
  • Added support for HTML tooltips in Vega #17632
  • Added ability to show/hide the filter bar in the Discovery app, thanks to a community contributor #17161

Until next time,
Raya @Kibana

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