How to give back to the Elastic community


One of the most beautiful things about having a front-row seat in the Elastic Community is witnessing folks helping each other. From Discuss and the Elastic Community Slack workspace to the Official Elastic YouTube channel no matter where you turn, you’ll see Elasticsearch pros and beginners sharing their knowledge. That's why we created the Elastic Contributor Program, our program that helps to broadcast your ideas and projects for the benefit of the wider Elastic community.

But why should you join this recognition and rewards program? If you're looking for a way to highlight your contributions and browse through other community members' contributions as well, Elastic Contributors offers a great platform to do so. 

1. Coding, pull requests, and projects using Elastic

You probably know that you can contribute code to the Elastic repo — but did you know that you can also submit contributions from other repositories and share cool projects with the community? Using the Elastic Contributor app, you can showcase your projects to the broader community. 

2. Presenting about Elastic (in person, virtually, or recording video tutorials)

Do you speak at meetups and conferences about Elastic? Create video tutorials? Add them to the platform! Very often the talks presented are recorded, so take this opportunity to share the content with folks that didn't have the opportunity to attend the live event.

3. Written content

If you are writing articles about our products and technology, this content serves as an excellent source for other community members to start their learning journey. Regardless of the skill level, it will always prove useful for someone. Use the Elastic Contributors to promote your articles.

4. Being present on Elastic forums

Are you part of our online communities at Stack OverFlow and Discuss? This is a great way to interact with and help other community members. There are many questions being asked every day, and if you know the answer, be sure to post it. If the moderator or the person who asked the question selects your answer among them all, you can score points for the Contributor Program — just be sure to submit the URL of the selected answer.

Start contributing today!

If you are already doing all of this cool stuff, join the Elastic Contributor Program. We want to recognize you and all of our awesome community members. 

We are proud to share some compelling numbers: over 367 contributors have joined the program across four cycles, and they’ve submitted almost 5,000 contributions! Check out the leaderboard for our regions EMEA, AMERICAS, and APJ to meet the top Contributors for the 2023 cycle. 

We’ve updated our rules for this new cycle and have new ways to score points. Check them out on our webpage and start contributing now.