Elasticsearch Hadoop certified for Cloudera CDH5

I am happy to announce that Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop 2.0 GA has been certified for CDH 5.

Since the beginning, Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop 2.0 (es-hadoop) has been tested against the popular CDH distribution and, during the few last months, we have been working closely with Cloudera to complete the process. With this certification in place, we can offer users complete peace of mind that Elasticsearch is thoroughly tested and validated against the CDH environment.

Adding to our existing partnerships with Hortonworks/HDP and MapR, es-hadoop users can rest assured that whatever Hadoop distribution they use, we at Elasticsearch are fully committed to supporting it.

We are delighted to see es-hadoop used in production by businesses in a variety of fields, from social recommendations to financial services, multi-national media companies to global telecoms. Organizations in each of these industries leverage es-hadoop to gather insight and perform analytics on massive volumes of data, and we’re proud we can help them achieve their analysis goals in real-time.

We’ll continue to expand on es-hadoop’s feature set to bring Elasticsearch’s rich experience to users of CDH 5 and all other flavors of Hadoop. We know your business is hungry for data, and we’re proud to serve up the best possible search and analytics experience. But don’t take our word for it - give it a spin and let us know what you think!

If you are interested in data exploration, search and identifying anomalies in real-time on your Hadoop data, you are warmly invited to an upcoming webinar by yours truly on Wednesday August 20th, which will showcase the above through Elasticsearch for Apache Hadoop. Registration is now open.

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