Elastic{On} Video of the Week: Powering Real-Time Search at Microsoft

Pablo Castro has been with Microsoft for 13 years and has envisioned, pitched, coded and built teams for projects like Azure Search, SQL Server, and the .NET Framework.

We had the great pleasure of having Pablo speak at our first inaugural Elastic{ON} about how Microsoft is using Elasticsearch across several use cases ranging from powering 24,000 search requests per second on, to indexing and analyzing all social signals within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and offering search capabilities within Microsoft Azure.

Here's Pablo's video and some of his reflections from Elastic{ON}. 

What was your favorite moment at Elastic{ON}? 

The moment I saw everyone sitting for the opening keynote was when I realized the huge crowd that this event pulled together.

What did you learn at Elastic{ON}? 

Loved hearing about the Elasticsearch 2.0 roadmap.

What words of wisdom do you have for the community?

Stay engaged!

To watch Pablo's full Elastic{ON} talk, follow this link or check out his slides below:

You can share this or find Pablo on Twitter.

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