Elastic Stack 8.5.2 released


Version 8.5.2 of the Elastic Stack was released today. We recommend you upgrade to this latest version. We recommend 8.5.2 over the previous versions in 8.5.x.

For details of the issues that have been fixed and a full list of changes for each product in this version, refer to the release notes:

8.5.2 Release Notes

Elastic Stack

  • Version 8.5.2 fixes a Fleet server issue on Windows.
  • It also contains an APM server fix for an issue where the server might be running out of memory when Tail based sampling is enabled. With the fix, buffered transactions are discarded if a certain buffer size is reached.
  • Elasticsearch
  • Kibana
  • Beats
  • Logstash

Elastic Enterprise Search

Elastic Observability

Elastic Security