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Elastic Stack 6.0.0-rc1 released

Editor's Note (August 3, 2021): This post uses deprecated features. Please reference the map custom regions with reverse geocoding documentation for current instructions.

6.0.0-rc1 is available today! And, because multiple releases on the same day are amazing, we also GA’ed Google Cloud as a hosting option for Elastic Cloud.

Not only are we approaching, rapidly, the GA of 6.0.0, we are super excited that this release includes the alpha release of Elastic APM. Although it is in alpha, it has been running on multiple sites for some time and it wouldn’t be a proper dogfooded release if we didn’t sip the champagne while mixing our metaphors. If you want more history on why Elastic APM, Welcome Opbeat to the Elastic Family is a great place to start .

During the 5.0 release, we introduced the Elastic Pioneer Program and are continuing the same program with the 6.0 preview releases.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that this is still a release candidate so don’t put it into production. There is no guarantee that any of the 6.0.0 pre-release versions will be compatible with other pre-releases, or the 6.0.0 GA. We strongly recommend that you keep this far, far away from production.

But we also recommend that you try it on Elastic Cloud. That’s correct, now that we have a release candidate it is available on your favourite hosted Elasticsearch provider. (Or will be by the time you read this…).


For more detailed information, peruse the Elasticsearch detail post.

  • RC1 includes the GA release of Lucene 7
  • X-Pack security is improved…based on your feedback


Visualize the future of your interacting with your data in the Kibana release notes.


Grok the details of rc1 in the Logstash release notes.


We don’t ‘let the beat drop’ but we drop the updates in a detail post.

  • Shard optimizations, for default usage, are now explicit configuration settings

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