Brewing in Beats: Dashboards for containerized processes

Welcome to Brewing in Beats! With this series, we're keeping you up to date with all that's new in Beats, from the details of work in progress pull requests to releases and learning resources.

Filebeat: -once flag to exit after finishing current work

When the -once flag is used, Filebeat starts all configured harvesters and prospectors and runs each prospector until the harvesters are closed. It is recommended to use the flag in combination with close_eof so harvester directly close when the end of the file is reached. This could be used for measuring the Filebeat performance or for loading a fixed set of files.

Kibana dashboards for containerized processes

Since recently, Metricbeat can report cgroup data for any running process (see this blog post for details), and now we’ve also added sample dashboards for this data.

Added /net/ and /ns/ support to procfs library

Andrew added new features to the procfs Golang library, which does proc file system parsing and which we plan to use in Metricbeat.

Updated to Go 1.7.1

Our compiler images used in packaging, docker files used in tests, and our CI tools configurations were all updated to use Go 1.7.1 (from 1.7).

Filebeat: fix concurrent harvesters

In case newly started harvesters did not persist their first state before the next scan started, it could have happened that multiple harvesters were started for the same file. This could have been caused by a large number of files or the output blocking. There are more details in the PR.

Release 1.3.1

We’ve released the patch version 1.3.1, which includes a concurrency fix in Filebeat, discovered and fixed by @amyangfei, a contributor.

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