Articles by Suranjeeta Choudhury


Building secure and resilient telecom networks

Using the NIST framework, ThoughtLab recently concluded a cybersecurity benchmark study that spanned across industries, including telecommunications. How well armed is the industry to protect critical network infrastructure?


Boosting telecom business results with Elastic Cloud

Telecom providers worldwide are adopting cloud technologies in varying scope as they expand into 5G services. Here, we'll take a look at some key Elastic Cloud capabilities that can make it simpler for telecom providers to scale their services.


How can observability help telecom providers accelerate 5G monetization

The telecom industry is at an inflection point where the endless possibilities of 5G meet the growing challenges of accelerating 5G monetization. Let's take a look into 5G monetization opportunities and why unified unified observability is a must.


Elastic announces TISAX certification, enhancing security in connected vehicles

Elastic is excited to add TISAX certification to the list of several key information security standards and regulations that it has acquired.