Articles by Peter Burrows

Peter Burrows is a long-time technology journalist and author who has written for Business Week, Bloomberg News, MIT Tech Review and other publications.


What follows digital transformation in the cloud-driven, platform era?

Experts weigh in on how organizations will move from baseline efficiencies to better business results, ushering in a new search-and-act economy powered by the capabilities of advanced technology to search, observe, and protect data simultaneously.


Why it’s time to move critical databases to the cloud now

Five reasons why CIOs should stop putting off the inevitable — from stronger cybersecurity management in the cloud to greater opportunities for innovation


How to build and lead a data-driven organization—and why it matters

Enterprise tech board advisor Shelley Leibowitz on overcoming cultural challenges, moving to the cloud to show impact, and discovering the unexpected from data


Ensure your move to the cloud leads to results that matter

Three key questions for CIOs to consider on how to migrate to the cloud and drive revenue


How hybrid work models can provide the culture change CIOs need for successful digital transformation

Organizations adopting new hybrid work models find that adapting to those changes also help them succeed with digital transformation efforts