Articles by Nathan Stacey

Solutions Architect Senior Manager, DoD, Elastic


Logging for public sector: How to make the most of your mission-critical data

Log management is growing more complex and expensive, which is why it’s important for agencies to leverage logs for multiple purposes, such as for both cybersecurity and observability. Learn five tips for maximizing your logging data.


It’s time for government to move beyond monitoring and into observability

For public sector, traditional monitoring tools are helpful, but they're just the starting point. An observability solution provides true end-to-end visibility, plus the ability to make sense of that data and take action on it via AI and ML.


See the winning projects from the Elastic MDT virtual hackathon

Mission Defense Teams created fantastic projects built on the Elastic Stack during our first ever hackathon in the DOD. See the top three winners, including the first place team who finished a huge project to extract new datasets out of firewalls.