Articles by Isaac Levin

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Enterprise Search, Elastic


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.3: More ingestion options for searching across any dataset

In 8.3, create new data connectors that you can embed into your existing workplace search solutions using a new open code framework. Plus, use the web crawler to index and sync all your PDF content.


Harness the power of the cloud to build scalable search solutions

Elastic Cloud is the best way to build highly scalable and performant search solutions using Elastic’s products across any cloud provider.


Building a search experience with Elastic

We are excited to share a new end-to-end demo to showcase how Elastic empowers developers to build rich search solutions.


Embracing the future of search relevance

In an effort to provide the most relevant, accurate search possible, developers must learn how to integrate machine learning into thier solutions. Starting in Elastic 8.0, the story around machine learning and how to embrace it is more clear.


Elastic Enterprise Search 8.1: Enhanced web crawling and SharePoint on-prem connectivity

Web crawler enhancements in Elastic Enterprise Search 8.1 make website content ingestion faster and more flexible than ever with partial crawls and new debugging tools. Plus, a new addition to the prebuilt connector library with SharePoint on-prem.


How do I enable Elasticsearch for my data?

Elastic App Search is the fastest mechanism to go from nothing to robust search over your data. One of the primary reasons for this is the multiple options available to developers to ingest content into Elastic App Search.