Articles by Court Ewing

Elastic Stack 7.9.1 has been released. Read about the updates and bug fixes that have been included.

Kibana 6.1.3 and 5.6.7 released with important security fixes

Kibana 6.1.1 released with an important security fix

Kibana 5.6.4 includes some stability improvements including a fix for a crash in console

Kibana 5.6.2 includes important fixes for the upgrade assistant and metrics visualizations

Kibana 6.0.0-alpha2 is released with CSV Export, dashboard-only mode, region maps, gauge charts, and more!

Kibana 5.3.1 has been released and includes an important security fix for X-Pack security.

Kibana 5.3.0: now with top hits aggregations, improved dashboard UX, and more options for SSL configuration

Kibana 5.2.2 has been released with fixes for two regressions.