Product release

Kibana 5.2.2 released

Today we're releasing Kibana version 5.2.2, which includes fixes for two visualization regressions, and it is already available for deployment on Elastic Cloud, our Elasticsearch-as-a-service platform.

There are a handful of bug fixes in this release, but the two important changes are fixes for regressions with visualizations:

  • Prior versions of Kibana had relied on a legacy structure for include and exclude patterns on visualizations. Elasticsearch version 5.2.1 accidentally removed support for this structure, which caused any Kibana visualization that relied on include or exclude patterns to error. In 5.2.2, Kibana will now use the correct structure for these patterns for new visualizations, and it will convert any legacy structures to the proper format at query time.
  • Starting in 5.2.0, vertical bar charts in Kibana that contained a sub-bucket that was configured to be grouped instead of stacked did not properly scale down their y-axis, so they would appear considerably smaller than necessary, and even unreadable in certain circumstances. The regression was fixed in 5.2.2, and bar charts will once again scale their y-axis as necessary regardless of their bar mode.