Articles by Bobby Filar

Discovering anomalous patterns via machine learning helps detect adversaries who bypass modern security software through “living off the land” techniques.

This first post of two motivates the "why" and explores the "how" behind malware prevention via supervised machine learning in Elastic Endpoint Security.

Over two years ago we announced Artemis, Endgame’s natural language interface to facilitate and expedite detection and response.

Openness and transparency are adjectives to which our community should aspire. But, where’s the bright line that one shouldn’t cross?

In this post, we describe this process of transitioning from strict query syntax toward building a user-friendly interface flexible enough to answer questions...

Endgame introduces Artemis, a first-of-its-kind intelligent assistant for cyber defense operations with these challenges in mind.

Machine learning is a fashionable buzzword right now in infosec, and is often referenced as the key to next-gen, signature-less security. But along with all of..

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a diverse field in computer science dedicated to automatically parsing and processing human language.