Articles by Apoorva Joshi


Getting the Most Out of Transformers in Elastic

In this blog, we will briefly talk about how we fine-tuned a transformer model meant for a masked language modeling (MLM) task, to make it suitable for a classification task.


Identifying beaconing malware using Elastic

In this blog, we walk users through identifying beaconing malware in their environment using our beaconing identification framework.


ProblemChild: Generate alerts to detect living-off-the-land attacks

In this blog post, we walk through our release of a fully trained detection model, anomaly detection configurations, and detection rules that you can use to get your ProblemChild framework up and running in your environment in minutes.


ProblemChild: Detecting living-off-the-land attacks using the Elastic Stack

In this blog, learn how you can use Elastic machine learning to create your own ProblemChild framework to detect living-off-the-land (LOtL) activity in Windows process event data.


Train, evaluate, monitor, infer: End-to-end machine learning in Elastic

To use machine learning in the Elastic Stack, all you need is for your data to be stored in Elasticsearch. Learn how to extract valuable insights from your data with a few clicks and build a fully operational end-to-end machine learning pipeline.