Articles by Alexander Reelsen

Community Advocate, Elastic

Alexander is an Elasticsearch developer interested in all things search and scale. He enjoys writing code, giving talks and trainings, as well as introducing people to all parts of the Elastic Stack. When offline, he goes hiking, watches basketball, and tries to get online again.


Using Terraform with Elastic Cloud

Today we will dive into the two available Terraform providers from Elastic. Terraform allows you to define your infrastructure as a code and keep that in repositories to easily make changes.


Using Spring Boot with Elastic App Search

In this article we will go from nothing to a fully running Spring Boot application querying Elastic App Search, which has crawled the contents of a website. We will start up the cluster and configure the application step by step.


Get a consistent view of your data over time with the Elasticsearch point-in-time reader

The new point-in-time functionality in Elasticsearch allows you to execute consistent search requests by retrieving data from a given point in time, even as data changes. Learn why we recommend using PIT instead of the scroll API.


Elasticsearch caching deep dive: Boosting query speed one cache at a time

Learn how Elasticsearch leverages various caches to ensure you are retrieving data as fast as possible. We'll take a deep dive into page, shard, and query caching to see how each can be used to boost query speeds.


Aggregate all the things: New aggregations in Elasticsearch 7

Every new release of the Elastic Stack is packed full of new features. Learn about the new aggregations that have been added to Elasticsearch since 7.0, like rare_terms, top_metrics, auto_date_histogram, and a bunch more.


Seccomp in the Elastic Stack

Learn how the Elastic Stack uses seccomp to prevent the execution of certain system calls, and how you can monitor seccomp violations using the Elastic Stack.


The journey to support nanosecond timestamps in Elasticsearch

Find out how our engineers refactored the Elasticsearch code base to support nanosecond timestamps for logging events at a higher resolution than milliseconds.


Elasticsearch Preview: Countermeasures against filling up disks

A look at upcoming changes in Elasticsearch 6.0 related to the disk allocation decider.


Distributed Watch Execution in Elasticsearch 6.0