Articles by Alex Marquardt

Consulting Engineer, Elastic


Improve search relevance by combining Elasticsearch stemmers and synonyms

It can be difficult to use synonyms to define all possible variations of a word. Fortunately, you can easily combine stemmers and multi-word synonyms to take the quality of your search results to the next level.


Debugging broken grok expressions in Elasticsearch ingest processors

So you've started structuring data with grok and building custom grok patterns. But what happens if you just can’t get your grok patterns to work? Learn how to debug a broken grok pattern using Kibana’s Grok Debugger.


Slow and steady: How to build custom grok patterns incrementally

Structuring your Elasticsearch data with grok on ingest can help you take your observability use cases to the next level. Learn how to incrementally create a new grok pattern from scratch to boost search speeds.


Structuring Elasticsearch data with grok on ingest for faster analytics

Elasticsearch isn't just for full-text search, it's also a powerful analytics engine. Learn how to structure your metrics data on ingest to make sure your analytics run in near-real-time.


Calculating ingest lag and storing ingest time in Elasticsearch to improve observability

Learn how to use an ingest node to add an ingest timestamp to documents and to calculate ingest lag. This data can then be used to detect unexpected slowdowns in the ingest process or to detect incorrectly set timestamps on monitored systems.


Improving search relevance with boolean queries

Every search use case is a little different, but Elasticsearch is flexible enough to work for all of them. In this blog, we'll take a look at mixing and matching queries to tune relevance according to your specific needs.


How to enrich logs and metrics using an Elasticsearch ingest node

Lookup enrichment can make your logs and metrics even more valuable for observability. In this tutorial, we'll take a look at using data stored in a CSV file to enrich data with ingest node.


How to create maintainable and reusable Logstash pipelines

Reduce, reuse, recycle (code). Learn how to create modular components for your Logstash ingest pipelines.


Using parallel Logstash pipelines to improve persistent queue throughput

Learn how to use multiple Logstash pipelines to improve persistent queues performance without sacrificing data ingest throughput.