Articles By Alex Marquardt

14 February 2019 Engineering

How to Debug Elasticsearch Source Code in IntelliJ IDEA

By Alex Marquardt

Setup an IntelliJ IDEA project that will allow interactive debugging of Elasticsearch and Lucene source code.

15 January 2019 Engineering

Using Logstash to Split Data and Send it to Multiple Outputs

By Alex Marquardt

Learn how to use Logstash to ingest data from multiple sources, and then send that data to distinct outputs. In this tutorial, we'll be using stock market data.

12 December 2018 Engineering

Elasticsearch Security: Configure TLS/SSL & PKI Authentication

By Alex Marquardt

Learn how to enable Elasticsearch security, configure TLS/SSL, use PKI for authentication, authenticate Kibana to Elasticsearch using PKI, and more.

11 December 2018 Engineering

How to Find and Remove Duplicate Documents in Elasticsearch

By Alex Marquardt

Learn how to detect and remove duplicate documents from Elasticsearch using Logstash or a custom Python script.