The Logstash Lines: Logstash 1.5.0 RC3 released

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Logstash 1.5.0 RC3 is out!

Logstash Core

Recent fixes for 1.5 RC3 include:

  • JVM Options: We added the ability to append extra JVM options while running LS by setting the LS_JAVA_OPTS environment variable. We also added the ability to completely replace the JVM options. For example, users can change the GC algorithm if they wish and use their own options instead of our defaults.
  • Workarounds for Java 8 and JRuby issues:
    • We stumbled on a JRuby collections issue while debugging an  issue in multiline. JRuby provides its own implementations for collection methods like Map#replace, and Map#merge which now conflicts with Java 8's native support. Until the issue is resolved upstream, we implemented a workaround.
    • Added our workaround implementation for Map#has_key? to fix a bug which was returning false for a key which had nil value. This affected mutate filter behavior when fields had a nil value.

Community Contributions

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