OpenSearch is not Elasticsearch

It is a common misconception that both Elasticsearch and OpenSearch are similar search engines. However, Elasticsearch continues to surpass OpenSearch in innovation and features, leading to superior performance. Elasticsearch has achieved enhanced scalability and efficiency with a notably reduced resource footprint, resulting in a better ROI. Elasticsearch and OpenSearch are not the same.

Choose the Elasticsearch service, the official offering from Elastic. It delivers Elasticsearch, Kibana, and all of Elastic's turn-key solutions like Search, Observability, and Security all within AWS.

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Elasticsearch vs. OpenSearch: Unraveling the performance gap
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Elasticsearch outperforms OpenSearch while using fewer resources
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Performance testing has been validated by a third party
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Open-and-Shut Case

Achieve the best performance with Elasticsearch

We tested Elasticsearch's performance and scalability across search metrics and resource utilization – validating Elasticsearch's preeminence in speed, scale, resource optimization, and cost efficiency.

Performance validation: Elasticsearch > Opensearch

Cost Efficiency

593% ROI

Considering migrating from OpenSearch Service to Elasticsearch Service Enterprise? Learn why moving to Elasticsearch results in significant cost savings and avoidance.


Data Management

Maximize data value

Discover the nuances between Elastic and OpenSearch Service data tiers. Learn why Elastic's performance and scalability can help improve cost-effectiveness and data management strategy.

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The Elastic advantage

Work with the creators of Elasticsearch to unlock the full value of the Elastic Search Platform.

  • Ready-to-use solutions

    Get to value faster with built-in Search, Observability, and Security solutions.

    Learn how OLX reduced time to value and increased coverage with Elastic Security.

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud by design

    Get a unified Elastic experience across any public cloud, in a hybrid mode, or on-premises.

    Learn why InfoTrack moved from Amazon OpenSearch Service to Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud.

  • All-inclusive search portfolio

    Access out-of-the-box analytics, web crawler, AI/ML, and data processing capabilities.

    Learn how Quorum Software achieved better insights and advanced analytics with Elastic.

  • Community and access to experts

    Get access to the readily available talent pool, integrations, and collaborative community.

    Learn how Sovren rapidly moved to a cloud-first model and accelerated product development with Elastic.


Maximize your investment

Try Elastic's value calculator to understand the benefits your organization can realize with Elasticsearch – increased revenue, margins, productivity, and more.


Pace of Innovation

4x number of features

Since the fork of an older version of Elasticsearch, OpenSearch hasn't kept up with the pace of innovation. Since OpenSearch GA, Elasticsearch has outpaced feature innovation by 4x.

Search-powered solutions

Adopt ready-to-use solutions for your search, observability, and security needs.

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    Build applications using flexible tools, robust APIs, and the trusted power of Elasticsearch. Use pre-built search solutions for enterprise needs like workplace search, application search, and customer support.

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    Apply search and visualization to logs, metrics, APM traces, and uptime statistics for unified end-to-end visibility into your technology ecosystem.

  • "all": "Elastic Security"


    Address your security needs for SIEM, SOAR, threat intelligence, XDR, endpoint security, and cloud security, so your analysts can use the power of search and visualization to prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Savings, deployment flexibility, and search innovations

Deployment, subscription, and purchasing options, so you get what you want.

  • Cost-effective storage options with searchable snapshots

    Elastic gives you the ability to classify and store your data in a way that delivers a balance between performance and cost savings. Save money with searchable snapshots.

    Leverage hot, warm, cold, and frozen data tiers, and searchable snapshots to search for data inside Elasticsearch, as well as data residing in cloud-based object storage.

  • A unified search experience across locations

    Unify search experiences with capabilities like cross-cluster search and cross-cluster replication. Both of these capabilities allow federated search and analytics across clusters, cloud providers, and regions, while retaining parts of the data on-premises, or in a specific preferred cloud provider or region.

  • Build AI search into your applications

    The Elasticsearch Relevance Engine™ (ESRE) is designed to power artificial intelligence-based search applications. Use ESRE to apply semantic search with superior relevance out of the box (without domain adaptation), integrate with external large language models (LLMs), implement hybrid search, and use third-party or your own transformer models.

  • Commercially supported self‑managed offering

    Elastic gives you the flexibility to create and run deployments where and how you need them to meet your business objectives — whether public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.

    With Elastic you can purchase and manage your own search implementation, which is useful for use cases with specific regulatory and data residency requirements.

  • Tiered subscription levels

    Get access to the features you want, and the level of technical support that meets the needs of your business. Easily switch between Standard, Platinum, and Enterprise subscription levels without having to contact sales.

  • Flexible purchasing options

    Purchase from us, or through your preferred cloud marketplace (AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure). Marketplace purchases benefit from any discounts you may have negotiated with your cloud provider, and usage accrues toward your cloud spending commitment.

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