Amazon OpenSearch Service is not Elasticsearch

The Amazon OpenSearch Service (formerly Amazon Elasticsearch Service) is not Elasticsearch and is not a partnership with Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch. Amazon’s service is based on an older, forked version of Elasticsearch and offers a fraction of the functionality, choice, and support available directly from Elastic.

Choose Elastic Cloud, the official Elasticsearch service from Elastic. Elastic Cloud delivers Elasticsearch, Kibana, and the complete Elastic experience, within AWS. Rest easy knowing that Elastic’s search expertise is backing your deployments with security updates, solutions, and support.

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The Elastic Difference

Work with the creators to unlock the full value of the Elastic Search Platform.

Ready-to-use solutions

Ready-to-use solutions

Increase speed and value with Elastic solutions. Learn how OLX reduced time to value and increased coverage with Elastic Security.

Choice and flexibility

Choice and flexibility

Run on your choice of public cloud or on-premises, self-managed or as a managed service. Learn how InfoTrack benefited from flexibility and improved performance with Elastic Cloud.

Innovation and support from the creators

Innovation and support from the creators

Access the latest Elasticsearch innovations and engage directly with the experts. Learn how Quorum Software has achieved better insights and advanced analytics with Elastic.

Community and skills

Community and skills

Benefit from the readily available skill sets, partners, and integrations in the Elastic community. Learn how Sovren rapidly moved to a cloud-first model and accelerated product development with Elastic.

Search-powered solutions

Extend beyond "build your own search" to include new enterprise search, observability, and security solutions.

  • Elastic Enterprise Search

    Elastic Enterprise Search

    Bring together application and workplace search so your developers can embed search in their applications and websites, and your knowledge workers can find the information they need across siloed systems.

  • Elastic Observability

    Elastic Observability

    Apply search and visualization to logs, metrics, APM traces, and uptime statistics for unified end-to-end visibility into your technology ecosystem.

  • Elastic Security

    Elastic Security

    Bring together SIEM and endpoint security so your analysts can use the power of search and visualization to prevent, detect, and respond to threats.

Choice, flexibility, and search innovations

Deployment, subscription, and purchasing options, so you get what you want.

Deploy where you want

Elastic gives you the flexibility to create and run deployments where and how you need them to meet your business objectives--whether public cloud, private cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises.

Multi-cloud support

Run your Elastic deployment in your preferred public cloud.  Search, observe and protect your IT environment with a managed service by Elastic, whether on AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or all the above.

Flexible purchasing options

Purchase from us, or through your preferred cloud marketplace (AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure). Marketplace purchases benefit from any discounts you may have negotiated with your cloud provider, and usage accrues toward your cloud spending commitment.

Search more places

Elastic gives you the ability to classify and store your data in a way that delivers a balance between performance and cost savings.

Leverage hot, warm, and cold data tiers to search for data inside Elasticsearch, as well as data residing in cloud-based object storage.

Exclusive capabilities

Get access to features that are only available to Elastic customers. Save money with data tiers and searchable snapshots, automate issue detection with machine learning, and protect your data with features like PrivateLink and advanced endpoint security.

Tiered subscription levels

Get access to the features you want, and the level of technical support that meets the needs of your business. Easily switch between Standard, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise subscription levels without having to contact sales.