Maximizing search application performance with Elasticsearch

This Technical Validation from TechTarget's Enterprise Strategy Group compares Elasticsearch with another popular search platform vendor using test results that characterize performance and scalability of five key search metrics as well as resource utilization.

"Enterprise Strategy Group validated that Elasticsearch delivers significantly better performance and consumes less resources. We reviewed the performance of conducting various query types and average disk utilization rates on both search platforms."

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Enterprise Strategy Group validated that Elasticsearch performed:

  • 76% faster in simple text queries
  • 140% faster in sorting results of simple text queries
  • 24%, 97%, and 53% faster in timestamp, keyword, and numeric sort queries, respectively
  • 81% faster in date histogram aggregations
  • 108% faster in terms queries; 103% faster in composite terms aggregations; 66% faster for range aggregations
  • 37% less average disk storage utilization

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