Legal Search Company InfoTrack Leverages the Elastic Stack to Power and Sustain a Growing Business Model

Australia-based InfoTrack has switched from Amazon’s Elasticsearch Service to Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud
29 October 2019

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SYDNEY, Australia - 29 October 2019 -

Elastic N.V. (NYSE: ESTC) ("Elastic"), the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, announced that InfoTrack, a legal services company of Australia, is leveraging the Elastic Stack to power its business of delivering legal searches and services.

InfoTrack, which has more than 8,500 customers across Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom, is like having the power of a small law firm directly at one's fingertips. In other words, it's the Google for legal and associated information as it unites numerous digital searching, filing and signing features onto one platform with a single UI and workflow. Individuals and businesses can easily search for and retrieve information from thousands of third parties, and also file documents with government agencies.

InfoTrack has switched from Amazon's Elasticsearch Service to Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud to fuel a growing number of new InfoTrack features as well as handle 150 additional customers a month.

"By leveraging the Elastic Stack and managing our deployments on Elasticsearch Service, InfoTrack's developers and Innovation team are able to provide customers with blazingly fast search and easily create and deploy new products on the fly," says John Ahern, CEO of InfoTrack. "With the Elasticsearch Service we also get the stability and performance we need in a service that is maintenance free. I wish all cloud services were as cost effective and seamless."

Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud has delivered a host of benefits to InfoTrack. This includes time saved on managing logs and resolving application errors, which leads to a trusted customer experience. Other metrics like growth and customer retention are also set to rise with the use of Kibana dashboards helping to limit time investigating issues while freeing developers to focus on pushing quality code.

With the move to Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud, InfoTrack is retaining and visualizing more data than ever to identify cross selling opportunities and prevent customer churn.

"InfoTrack's story highlights the reasons why companies should consider switching to Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud from Amazon's Elasticsearch Service," said Paul Davis, Elastic country manager for Australia. "Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud is more cost effective, maintenance free and switching is painless."

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