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What’s new in Elastic 7.11: Searchable snapshots, Kibana alerting framework and more

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Ravi Ramnani
Ravi Ramnani

Principal Solutions Architect



In this webinar, we will walk through the exciting new features and updates we've made in Elastic 7.11, including the general availability of searchable snapshots and the new cold data tier, beta of schema on read and more.


  • Searchable Snapshots (GA): Retain and search more data on low-cost object stores and the new cold data tier
  • New runtime fields in Elasticsearch: Get the choice of flexibility and cost efficiency with schema on read or blazing fast performance with schema on write, all in one stack
  • Kibana alerting framework (GA): Create, manage, and monitor alerts and notifications across the Elastic Stack and external systems
  • Introducing Web Crawler in Elastic App Search: Make content from publicly accessible websites easily searchable
  • New APM overview screen: Accelerate root cause analysis and troubleshooting
  • New Cloud detection rules: Detect attacks against cloud apps and hosts with prebuilt machine learning jobs and detection rules supporting MITRE subtechniques
  • Cold tier in Elastic Cloud

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