Upgrading from Elasticsearch 1.x to 2.x

As part of any software deployment life cycle, one is often faced with the need to upgrade to the latest release of a product; both to keep up with new features and bug fixes as well as ensure supportability. Elasticsearch is no different, and with the release of version 2.0 a number of major changes have been included.

Watch this video on key points to be aware of when upgrading from Elasticsearch 1.x to 2.x including:

  • How to upgrade to Elasticsearch 2.x
  • Overview of resources for upgrade breaks
  • Ways to minimize downtime

In the meantime, check out their blog on key points to be aware of when upgrading from Elasticsearch 1.x to 2.x

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Miguel Bosin

Miguel Bosin is passionate about providing customer support. He has spent more than twelve years helping customers around the world. Miguel joined Elastic in August 2015, where he continues to focus on total customer satisfaction.

Damian Pfister

Damian Pfister has been implementing and supporting various IT solutions, within both the startup and corporate worlds, over the last 15 years. With a background in Systems Administration, his path has led him across a plethora of technologies, most recently as a Information Security consultant at HP, prior to joining Elastic in September of 2015.

Marty Messer

Marty Messer has spent 20 years in the open source world helping customers get significant value from free software. Marty joined Elastic in April 2014, and is responsible for ensuring customer success and satisfaction. Previously, he held similar roles at Red Hat, Hyperic, SpringSource, and VMware.