Swiftype's Technical Journey with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is effectively used for a growing number of use cases including site and enterprise search. Learn how Swiftype was able to scale and build their business with the Elastic Stack. Join Swiftype founders and newest members of the Elastic team, Matt Riley and Quin Hoxie, for a technical presentation on building a robust search solution (and company) on top of the Elastic Stack, along with an in-depth live demo.

    Topics covered include:
  • Architectural approach to building a SaaS search solution
  • Scaling to support 100s of thousands of search engines across 10s of thousands of customers.
  • Upgrading to the latest versions of Elasticsearch and tips to minimize downtime
  • How Swiftype simplified the power and complexity of Elasticsearch to give control to non-technical stakeholders
  • Leveraging Kibana and Logstash to monitor and analyze IT operations and customer support

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Matt Riley

Matt is director of product management for the Swiftype product suite at Elastic. Prior to joining Elastic, Matt was CEO and Co-founder of Swiftype, where he helped build the team that brought Swiftype's Site Search and Enterprise Search products to market. Matt has worked on search and information retrieval technology for the past 10 years, as both a software engineer and product manager.

Quin Hoxie

Quin is the Tech Lead for the Swiftype product suite at Elastic. Prior to joining Elastic, Quin was the Co-Founder and CTO of Swiftype, where he oversaw development of the core teams and technologies behind their Site Search and Enterprise Search products. Quin has been working on search technology and features for most of his career in both an engineering and product capacity.