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Learn more from your logs with Elastic APM

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Michael Hyatt
Michael Hyatt

Principal Solutions Architect



When you're trying to troubleshoot and debug system behavior, logs only tell you one part of the story.

Application performance monitoring (APM) and distributed tracing give logs much-needed context and timing information, link together the behavior of multiple components, and put logged events into a much broader context of observability. Learn how the Elastic Stack can help you enrich logs with metadata, link logs to metrics and traces, and use logs for visualizations and anomaly detection.

In this webinar, you will learn: 

  • How to enrich logs with data about servers and containers
  • How to correlate logs with metrics, traces, and uptime data
  • All about the Elastic Common Schema, a common set of fields for storing event data such as logs and metrics 
  • How you can augment your logs with Elastic machine learning features

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