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Kibana: Getting Started with Visualizations

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Hosted by

Asawari Samant

Senior Director, Product Marketing


Tanya Bragin

Vice President, Product Management


Nick Drost

Solutions Architect Senior Director



Kibana enables visual exploration and real time analysis of your data in Elasticsearch. In this video, we use a demo to show how to create a dashboard from scratch in Kibana. This video is perfect for users that are new to Kibana and are looking for a primer on data exploration, visualization, and dashboarding in Kibana.

The demo will focus on 3 main features:

  • Discover tab
      • Build intuition about data and understand its underlying structure
      • Start to explore the questions that can be asked of the data
  • Visualize  tab
      • Build graphs to dive into specific questions and test hypothesis
  • Dashboard tab
      • Compile dashboards to see and share your data story
      • Monitor the trends and events in real time

If you would like access to the example data from the demo, check it out here

You can also try a free trial of Elastic Cloud, which comes with a free Kibana instance.