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Introducing Elastic Security: Unified protection for everyone

Hosted by

James Spiteri

Principal Product Marketing Manager


Mike Nichols

Product Lead, Elastic Security


John Pescatore

Director of Emerging Security Trends

SANS Institute


Join this Elastic webinar in collaboration with SANS institute and learn how the latest security capabilities in the Elastic Stack enable interactive exploration, incident management and automated analysis, as well as how you can use unsupervised machine learning to reduce false positives and spot anomalies all at the speed and scale your security practitioners need to defend your organisation. Additionally, we'll be talking about the free endpoint security capabilities of Elastic Security and will introduce Elastics Event Query Language (EQL).


  • John Pescatore, SANS Director of Emerging Security Trends, will present the results of recent SANS surveys of security operations hiring managers on what tools they wish new hires were skilled in when they showed up on their first day, and what related factors reduce attrition across security teams.
  • See a hands-on demo of Elastic Security
  • Learn how endpoint security in Elastic Security integrates with the new Elastic Agent
  • Discover the latest ways to view security events in Elastic Security 
  • Examine new detection rule workflows 
  • Get an overview of the capabilities of EQL

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